Gladiator has been granted a Class 1 Exploration Permit and is in the process of applying for an additional Class 3 Exploration Permit. Please refer to our Community Engagement Policy to learn more about this process and how we plan to consult with the local Whitehorse Community, or contact our Community Engagement Director, Leneath Yanson, at:


Who is Gladiator Metals, and what does the Company do?
What is the difference between mining and mineral exploration?
What kind of techniques are used in mineral exploration?
What potential economic benefits could mineral exploration in Whitehorse potentially bring to the community?
Has Gladiator discovered copper at the Whitehorse Copper Project?
I’m concerned about the proximity of the Whitehorse Copper Project to the City of Whitehorse. How might this project affect where I live?
Will mineral exploration near Whitehorse City limits affect my water supply?
I’m concerned about the potential noise that exploration activities at the Whitehorse Copper Project could cause. What is Gladiator doing to mitigate potential noise associated with exploration?
How might mineral exploration near my home affect my property’s value?
What will happen if the Whitehorse Copper Project is deemed economically viable for mining?
How do the geological characteristics of the Whitehorse Copper Project impact any potential mining that might occur in future?
Why is finding new domestic sources of copper important for Canadians, and for the world?
Can’t we just mine more copper from existing copper mines? Why do we need to find new mines?
Why is the Canadian government supportive of the discovery and development of new domestic copper sources? 
Is mining in Canada more responsibly regulated than in other parts of the world?
What kind of regulations does Canada enforce to ensure mining practices are environmentally and socially responsible?
Aside from revenue generation, what are some of the potential positive aspects of mineral exploration and mining in Whitehorse?
What happens if mineral exploration at the Whitehorse Copper Project advances to the next stage of development?
What if mineral exploration takes place, but no mine is developed as a result?

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